The Museum

We are exhibiting pieces from the Olden Collection,

which is the largest private artillery* collection in the United States.

This collection showcases artillery from the WW2 era through today.                              It includes pieces from the Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War, and                              Middle Eastern conflicts.   


The collection is on loan from private collector Craig Olden.  

The unique pieces have been collected over a lifetime.

Craig had no intention of having a museum when he purchased the old

Russell Newman building. He simply wanted someplace to store and enjoy his collection. After restoring the historic building, Craig was encouraged by his wife, Paula, to bring some "green" to the Saint Jo Square.  Friends and other collectors agreed that a place to see his amazing finds was greatly needed, and the              Artillery Museum was created. 

The museum continues to evolve and change and is a place where anyone  interested in history, technology, and honoring our military is sure to enjoy          hours of browsing.

Make sure to visit today or plan a weekend trip to enjoy all Saint Jo has to offer.

There is no cost to visit the Museum. We do, however, accept donations and          have included a unique store that will help offset operation costs.

There is no charge to visit our museum.

Donations or store purchases help offset

operating costs and are greatly appreciated. 

The museum is privately funded

and is not a 501-C3.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Craig Olden pictured by tank in the park

he played in as a boy in ______, Indiana

Saint Jo World War II Veterans with Craig Olden, (L,R) Quinton Conyers, Cooper Price, Craig Olden and Gerald Boyd.