* * * Everything offered for sale is GENUINE military production. We do not sell "Reproductions" or "New Made" ordnance. * * *

Initial Items...more to come 


Deactivated Artillery/Crew Served Weapons 

Pricing, Pictures and Further Descriptions coming


Under federal law all items offered for sale are legal to sell or possess within the United States. 

State or local laws may prohibit possession of some items. No items will be shipped to any state or area where possession is prohibited. NO EXPORT SALES


Deactivated Ordnance

  • Artillery/Howitzers

  • Anti-Aircraft Guns

  • Anti-Tank Guns

  • Recoiless Weapons

  • Rocket Launchers 

  • Mortars and more...

Pricing, Pictures and Further Descriptions will be available soon. If you need information sooner please call. 

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